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Environmental monitoring

Projects submitted to Environmental Impact Assessment demand the draft and fulfillment of a Environmental Vigilance Plan. Its function is to control that the evaluated impacts in the Environmental Impact Studies or Reports of Environmental Sustainability are the foreseen ones initially, to establish the way of carrying out the environmental controls and ensure that the project or activity develops with the suitable parameters of environmental protection.

There must be controlled all the environmental aspects affected by the development of the project, such as water quality, soil, aspects of acoustic, atmospheric pollution, protection measures of flora and fauna and particular aspects in every action. The team of Geomnia is qualified to coordinate the study of these topics such as: acoustics, hydrology, waste management, archaeology, monitoring of the flora and fauna, etc.

Geomnia writes Programs of Environmental Vigilance and issues the reports of his correct development and fulfillment, certifying that the well versed measures or the respect of the environmental factors are being applied, according to the specifications of the studies and environmental reports; in particular these are our services:

  • Development of monitoring programs and Control
  • Drafting of environmental monitoring plans
  • Implementation of environmental monitoring plans of environmental impact statements
  • Definition of new protective measures
  • Follow up of environmental monitoring plans
  • Environmental assistance
  • Measurement and sampling
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