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Environmental processing of Projects, Plans and Programs

Geomnia has aptitude to elaborate the documentation necessary for the environmental processing of any type of activity throughout Spain and in the rest of the world; from agricultural and livestock farming to mining operations, for example; up to works of infrastructure, electrical, air, railway, port, irrigation, etc., as well as provide the required technical assistance.

Geomnia's Technical Assistance. If this way is needed, our service begins in the own conception of the project, providing technical advice on possible environmental conditions of the project and the best way to solve them.

We make our reports and studies searching for optimum quality, facilitating in this way the administrative work. If the information delivered to the Administration is the suitable one and is written and designed so that his comprehension is as easy as possible, the procedure will be less complex and, therefore, faster.

In addition we realize any necessary report to complement an environmental impact study: acoustic, topographic, hydrological, waste management, archaeological, flora and fauna, etc.

Geomnia's work is not limited to the production of the reports or the necessary documentation for the administration; from Geomnia we realize the procedures to the Autonomous or State Administrations, giving a permanent follow-up to the process; we give response to the allegations presented to the same ones during the step of Public Information of the process of Environmental Evaluation; we keep the client informed of the development of the same one and the possible incidents; and we respect to the maximum the agreed delivery dates.


  • Studies and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Projects of compensatory measures of the environmental impact
  • Technical Assistance to the Procedure on EIA
  • Integrated Environmental Authorization
  • Occupation of Public Maritime - Terrestrial Domain
  • Ocupación de Dominio Público Hidráulico
  • Occupation of Public Hydraulic Domain
  • Dumping authorisations
  • Declarations of producers or managers of dangerous residues
  • Studies of minimization of residues
  • Studies of compared regulation
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