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  • 2013-Act. Technical Environmental assistance to the Not Dangerous Residues Treatment Plant. RECIORGANICS S.L. Alcalá de H (Madrid).
  • 2013. Management and environmental monitoring for the construction of a Not Dangerous Residues Treatment Plant. RECICLADOS Y SERVICIOS CASTELLAR S.L.
  • 2013. Characterization of the permeability of the bottom of the old raft nº1. Planta Azucarera en Toro (Zamora). AB AZUCARERA S.L.
  • 2012. Hidrogeological Study for the Restoration of two closed quarries. VALORA S.L., CANTERAS CANO S.L.
  • 2012. Environmental document for the Project of Extension of BASF's CHEMICAL Facilities in Cabanillas del Campo (Guadalajara). NORTON.
  • 2011-Act. Remediation of hydrocarbon contamination in the subsurface at serveral locations  in Comunidad de Madrid. CONFIDENTIAL.
  • 2011-2012. Technical assistance for the Study of Evaluation of the Waste Management of the Port Authority of the Bay of Algeciras and production of an Action plan. VTA, APBA.
  • 2011-Act. Technical assistance to the Plant of Treatment of RCDs, Composting, Not Dangerous Residues and Dump. RECICLO S.L.
  • 2010-Act. Technical Environmental assistance to RECICLADOS Y SERVICIOS CASTELLAR S.L.
  • 2010-2012. Environmental processing of the project of RCDs's Plant and Dump of Not Dangerous Residues.  RECICLADOS Y SERVICIOS CASTELLAR.
  • 2011. Production of Technical Memory for the bidding: " Project of restoration of water sources and riverbeds, as well as of his environment, in Molina de Aragón (Guadalajara) Codification: CPA 02.40.10. ALBAR FORESTAL S.L.
  • 2011. Environmental Document Lending "Ablanque" (Guadalajara). ALBAR FORESTAL S.L.
  • 2011. Summary Environmental Report for a Cattle Equine exploitation in Ciempozuelos (Madrid). NIEZARO S.L.
  • 2010. Environmental document for the Quarry "Mazarete", Mazarete-Guadalajara. PEREZ  Y CAYUELA S.L.
  • 2010. Geological characterization of the tracing of the Local Road of Fuentelsaz-Guadalajara. CLOTHOS S.L.
  • 2010. Flooding Study of the Creek " la Pajarilla ". Garganta de los Montes. Madrid. AVENAT S.L.
  • 2010. Environmental documentation for the bidding: " Ribadumia's E.D.A.R. (Ribadumia's T.M.. Pontevedra) ". AVENAT S.L.
  • 2010. Environmental documentation for the bidding Extension and improvement of the system of treatment of Monforte de Lemos's drinkable water (Lugo). AVENAT S.L.
  • 2010. Environmental documentation. Project of Concession of Underground Waters for irrigation in Esteras de Medinaceli. AVENAT S.L
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