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GEOMNIA is a consultancy firm specialized in the exploration and prospection of natural resources (mineral, energetic and water), standing out in the integration of data from subsoil and surface in projects of exploration and exploitation of mining resources. Our experience is based on exploration projects of industrial minerals and base metals. The multidisciplinary approach of the projects allows us to possess the professionals most recognized in the sector.

GEOMNIA also develops its activity in innovative fields of the energy sector, such as the exploration of geothermal resources of medium-high enthalpy or the underground  storage of hydrocarbons in salt formations.

Exploration of mineral resources. GEOMNIA develops successfully works of exploration of natural resources, emphasizing the exploration worldwide of  potash and other salts, between other industrial minerals, and the integration in multidisciplinary teams for  project developments in the metallic mining industry. One of the most important activities that GEOMNIA develops is the integration of information of subsoil and surface in projects of exploration and mining development. The multidisciplinary approach of the projects allows us to possess the professionals most considered in the sector.

Geothermal exploration. From 2008, one of the main lines of work of the company has been the exploration of geothermal resources of medium-high enthalpy. GEOMNIA is a member of the Technological Platform of Geothermal Energy (GEOPLAT), from where the firm has contributed in the document of vision to 2030, an important document in which there are established the opportunities and needs of the geothermal energy in Spain.

Underground Storage. GEOMNIA has experts to advice in projects of underground storage of hydrocarbons or CO2 in geological formations.

GEOMNIA is specialized in the exploration, investigation, management of natural resources (energetic, mineral and water), standing out:

  • Analysis of sedimentary basins, regional and structural geology.
  • Petrology and Geochemistry. GEOMNIA has a team of experts capable of developing mineralogical, geochemical, petrologic and petrographic studies, as well as characterizations and diagenetic studies.
  • Interaction fluid – rock.
  • Evaluation of mineral opportunities and new materials.
  • Data  Gathering, obtaining and interpretation of geological - geophysical Information of surface and subsoil.
  • Geoinformation management by means of Geographical Information Systems (GIS).
  • Geological modelling for the digital reconstruction (2D/3D) of entities and geological processes. Our equipment has implemented successfully several management tools of information, such as GIS, CAD and FEM, that allow operating accurately with the available information, the creation of maps and representations in 2D or 3D.
  • Definition of targets in exploration projects.
  • Management of Investigation Permits, Exploration Drilling Campaigns and geological assistance.
  • Legal advice. GEOMNIA also carries out all the tasks necessary for the processing of Investigation Permits, Exploitation Concessions and requests of licenses, as well as the whole necessary legal documentation corresponding to the projects of our clients.
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