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Mining and Industrial Heritage

Lately it is growing the progressive protection, conservation and putting in value of the mining and industrial heritage as a way for touristic and economical valorization. In certain cases from which the mining industry, revitalizing and economic axis of certain sectors of our country, stops or is forced to a premature closing, it is essential to find a route focused in the putting in value of the mining heritage, which can turn into the second route for the economic development. Geomnia takes part in projects of putting in value of the mining heritage, as the case of the Camino Real del Azogue. This Royal way was initiated in the Mercury Almadén Mines (Ciudad Real), the most important mine of the world and ended in the Reales Atarazanas of the city of Seville, where the mercury was stored and newly transported to the Cadiz Port via the Guadalquivir River. Of vital importance for the Spanish Crown between the XVIth and XIXth century, the transport of the mercury up to the New Continent allowed, after the discovery of the process of amalgamation with mercury, the large-scale exploitation of the American mines of silver. The Camino Real del Azogue turned into one of the most important routes not only for Spain but for the whole European continent. Nowadays this historical way  crosses the provinces of Ciudad Real, Cordova, Badajoz and Seville, and to the great quantity of artistic existing elements of historical interest in the own route, and in the localities along which it passes, is necessary to add so much his excellent environmental and geological environments, since his undoubted cultural elements (caminorealdelazogue.es)

On the other hand, Geomnia develops activities of research and development focused on the potential putting in value of several figures of the Spanish mining heritage, like the Pilar Mine (copper mine)  in Colmenarejo (Madrid), where Geomnia and CSIC have preliminarely evaluated the interior atmosphere conditions and main fluid-rock processes as  previous step, to the accomplishment of a study on the patrimonial interest and the conditions of health of his visit.

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