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Underground Environments

This line of work is developed in collaboration with the Multidisciplinary Research Group of the Dept. of Geology  (MNCN-CSIC), the Applied Petrology Research Group  (UA-CSIC) or the IRNAS-CSIC of Seville. Next services can be mainly outlined:

Microclimatic monitoring. Geomnia possesses technical instruments and knowledge for the monitoring of 222Rn and CO2 trace gases and other microclimatic parameters in underground environments. This microclimatic characterization allows the study of ventilation processes, the fluid-rock interactions or the analyses of the microenvironment where certain microbiological colonies develop affecting historical heritage.

Applied petrology. Geomnia has specialists for the mineralogical and geochemical characterization and the accomplishment of diagenetic or petrographic studies.It is necessary to emphasize the experience of the professionals of Geomnia in saline and carbonatic rocks.

2D-3D Modeling. In Geomnia we have the technical and human resources for the reconstruction and three-dimensional modeling of entities and geological processes. Applied to the management and conservation of historical and natural heritage as one of the principal areas of action, these methodologies have been applied in geological consultancies performed  in Altamira's Cave (Cantabria) and in Carmona's Necropolis (Seville).

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