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Geomnia has capacity to develop hydrogeological studies and reports, specially applied to environmental issues. The formation of its technical personnel with Postdegrees in Groundwater Hydrology (International Course of Groundwater Hydrology, UPC), provides an additional and useful experience to drive successfully the required works.

We realize the design and construction of water wells; every case is studied in detail, before designing the perforation of the water well and their characteristics. This way, we prepare also the documentation that needs the Administration and supervise the field works.

We perform accurate pumping tests to know the behaviour of the water well (flow rates of exploitation, losses of load, etc.) and we carry out studies for the definition of protective areas. We define networks of piezometric wells to control potentially pollutant facilities, defining the contour conditions that are going to determine the flow of the underground water and the possible pollutants for the subsoil and establishing the suitable qualitative and quantitative follow-up of the underground waters.

We perform the follow-up of hydrogeological control networks, possessing the collaboration of several laboratories of recognized prestige for the accomplishment of corresponding analyses. On the basis of this follow-up we can define the required strategy to maintain the initial conditions of quality and quantity. In the mining sector, the interaction with the water underground resources is often one of the main factors to keep in mind before the beginning of a mining exploitation.

From Geomnia we apply all our knowledge and tools for the suitable hydrogeological characterization of the area affected by the mining exploitation, contributing the best solutions to solve the related problems: drainage of open pits and mining galleries, pollution, etc. Medium to high ent halpy geothermics is one of the main fields of action. The incorporation of the hydrogeological knowledge to the exploration of this energetic resource is fundamental for the success of the geothermal projects.

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